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Volunteers are needed!

As theater is all about working together, there are lots of positions necessary to put on a successful show. The following is a list of the positions and a brief description. If you are interested in becoming involved, email us to find out more!

Light Technician: Help create the mood of the shows, work the light board, and maybe even hang some lights!

Sound Technician: Add that special something by giving the play depth, work the sound board and help the actors find that motivation!

Back-Stage-Hands: Be behind the scenes, working with the Stage Manager to get those sets and props where they need to be!

Stage Manager: Work closely with the director, attend every rehearsal, and be organized, organized, organized!

House Manager: Be the glue that holds the performances together – help audience members find their seats, turn on an off the house lights, communicate between the stage manager, the director, and the actors to facilitate a smooth production, make sure the audience has a great time!

General Help: Assist in set building/painting, acquiring props or costumes.

Box Office: Our first line to the public, you should be good with making change, and handling lines of people!

Refreshments: Our second line to the public, you should be personable, accommodating, and friendly!

Parking Lot Attendant: Help our audience find a “seat” for their car!

Get Involved!
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