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Tea For Three: Lady Bird, Pat & Betty
By Eric H. Weinberger and Elaine Bromka

Monday March 1st from 7-9 PM
Tuesday March 2nd from 7-9 PM

What is it like for a woman when her husband becomes the president of the United States—and she is suddenly thrust into the spotlight? This witty, sly and deeply moving script explores the hopes, fears and loves of Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon and Betty Ford. In three scenes taking place in the family quarters of the White House just prior to the end of living there as the wife of a president, each of the women confides alone to the audience. Secrets are spilled about their early years, their husbands' rise to power, their romances with the men, their unique paths as wives in the White House, and their feelings about imminent retirement. Lady Bird Johnson, while preparing a tea for Pat Nixon, defends her husband's quirks but finally admits to herself, "Politics is his oxygen." Mrs. Nixon, drinking tea alone in her room on the eve of her husband's resignation, works on her mail, picks at her food and guardedly recalls happier times before exploding in anger about Watergate and the political world. Betty Ford is discovered reading a TIME magazine in her bathrobe. Forestalling preparations for tea with Rosalyn Carter, Betty lightheartedly recalls past escapades, but eventually admits to being quite lost about life after the White House. Defiantly pushing back the fear, she sails out the door to meet Mrs. Carter. Each of the three portraits becomes intimate, by degrees, as the women wrestle with what Pat Nixon called "the hardest unpaid job in the world."
Director: Kate Lenzo  |  Stage Manager: Karen Brucia
Audition info:
Auditioning for three actresses

Monday March 1st from 7-9 PM

Tuesday March 2nd from 7-9 PM

Possible callbacks March 4th and 5th 7-9 PM (only if needed)

Must sign up for an audition slot via Google Form.

Auditions will take place via Zoom. Once your sign up is received, you will be emailed a Zoom link with instructions and a confirmation. 
Sides for each of the First Ladies can be found here (links in each document can be copied and pasted for more info):
Lady Bird Johnson Pat Nixon Betty Ford
Rehearsal info:
Rehearsals will start the week of March 8th and will take place via Zoom.
Performance info:
Virtual performance will be Saturday April 24th 7:00 PM start time - and will be livestreamed on YouTube.

NOTE: Actors will be required to memorize the segments (each part is approximately 20-24 minutes long).  Actors will be required to create a "set" in their home to somewhat resemble the suggestions in the script.   Each segment will be recorded prior to the performance date, with live intro and possible question and answer session after the performance.
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