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Open call - July 8, 9, 10   8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Call-backs - Friday July 12th    8:00 - 9:30 PM

35 Verbena Avenue (upstairs parlor)

Please contact with any questions.

by Anne Meara

Directed by Kate Lenzo

4 men, 3 women
Age ranges listed below are not set in stone

Sides will be provided, OPTIONAL:  a 1-2 minute comedic monologue.  Please note this is very much an ensemble piece.  If you have a headshot/resume, please bring one to your audition.

Setting: Restaurant
Time: Winter, 1990’s

Set in the newest "in" Manhattan restaurant, the play opens with an ethereal waiter preparing for the arrival of a party of four. Just as the two couples are about to enter, it magically begins to snow making the night perfect for a cozy after-theater supper. The two middle-aged couples, Marty and Terry, and Renee and Phil, old friends reuniting after three years, have just seen a new Broadway play. Shedding the formality of the theater, the four friends settle into the comfort of the restaurant, order cocktails and begin to reacquaint themselves. The years and distance separating them have changed them more than they thought. Discussing the play and playing catch-up leads to little arguments and major differences of opinion. More drinks are ordered and apologies ease the way into dinner over which are discussed sex, the wearing of fur, matters of health and problems with their children. Time and distance aside, these couples know each other very well and will always be close friends. A third couple, Emily and Matt, acquaintances of Marty and Terry, stop by the table to say hello. After introductions, they are convinced to stay for a nightcap even though Emily has already had too much to drink. The nightcap sends her over the edge, and when the recent tragic death of her son is brought up, the uncomfortable situation is made worse. Emily makes a drunken, public spectacle of herself, forcing Matt to all but carry her out of the restaurant. The ugliness of the moment is not lost on Marty, Terry, Renee and Phil, all of whom are deeply affected. Having shared painful secrets and made new discoveries about one another, the four put their disagreements and arguments behind them and forge ahead in friendship until next time.

Raziel – 25-99  
Pronounced RAAZiy-ehL.  In the Encyclopedia Judaica, Raziel is the Angel of Mysteries, the Angel of the Unknown.  Raziel is a dignified, kind, patient Angel posing as a waiter.  He is caring and tolerant of his guests’ behavior.  He speaks a precise English, slightly inflected with an undefinable accent.  Raziel is at all times, calmly in charge.

Marty – 60-70
A sweet warm Jewish man who, with his wine, has had a successful career in the theater and on television.  He becomes emotional easily and has a keen awareness of the years swiftly passing by.  He has recently discovered a new closeness and love for his wife.

Terry – 60-70
Marty’s wife and acting and singing partner for many years.  She is an ex-Catholic of Irish descent.  She is open, warm and opinionated.  Terry is in the first flush of psychotherapy and has a passionate need to share her guilt and discoveries with her friends.  She loves her husband very much.

Renee – 60-70
Ethnically, Renee is Jewish.  Religiously, she is a Champagne Socialist of the old school.  Renee us ab ex-actress and has been a TV writer and producer.  She is used to being waited on.  She has great wit and a firm belief that she is always right.  She is deeply feeling woman who rarely allows herself to dwell on her pain. Renee loves and spars with Phil, who is her third and best husband.

Phil – 60-70
A sit-com writer and TV producer whose “god” is Comedy.  Phil deeply resents being out of the loop now that his generation is passé.  He has great sadness about his failure as a father.  He doesn’t understand what went wrong.  He deals with his pain through humor and adores telling jokes, which he does very well.  He worships Renee and is turned on by her wit.

Emily – 40-60
Devastated by the loss of her son to AIDS one year ago, she hangs on by a thread.  Rather than deal with her guilt over her son’s death, Emily vents her anger at her husband and blurs painful memories with Alcohol.

Mathew – 40-60
Mathew is Emily’s husband.  He is a man trying to cope with his sorrow by atoning for his lack of understanding for his deceased homosexual son.  He is emotionally wracked by his loss and terribly aware of his wife’s fragility.


Performances are November 8, 9, 10 and 15, 16, 17.

Rehearsals are Monday and Wednesday evenings.

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Sound Technician: Add that special something by giving the play depth, work the sound board and help the actors find that motivation!
Back-Stage-Hands: Be behind the scenes, working with the Stage Manager to get those sets and props where they need to be!
Stage Manager: Work closely with the director, attend every rehearsal, and be organized, organized, organized!
House Manager: Be the glue that holds the performances together – help audience members find their seats, turn on an off the house lights, communicate between the stage manager, the director, and the actors to facilitate a smooth production, make sure the audience has a great time!
General Help: Assist in set building/painting, acquiring props or costumes.
Box Office: Our first line to the public, you should be good with making change, and handling lines of people!
Refreshments: Our second line to the public, you should be personable, accommodating, and friendly!
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